I have uploaded a copy of the 2006 NEPASCCA Banquet invite to the webpage in case you don't get yours in the mail, lose it, or just want to send in your check early. The banquet will be the last time that you could either sulk or brag about the 2006 season before we start getting revved up for 2007.
The board decided at the last meeting that there will not be a Pinewood Derby this year. Leave your wooden cars at home and bring your dancing shoes. The DJ is back!
The banquet invite is available in the "Downloads" section of this web site OR by clicking HERE.

Hope to see you at the banquet! -Webmaster

The 2006 NEPASCCA Awards Banquet will be held on Saturday January 27, 2007 at the Best Western Genetti Lodge and Ballrooms Route 309 Hazleton. Watch this spot for more information. -Webmaster

The 2007 Sports Car Club of America General Competition Rulebook (GCR) is now available for download from the SCCA website and will be available in hardcopy shortly.
In addition to being outfitted with rules for the new Prepared classes and updated Formula, Touring and Improved Touring classes, the 2007 GCR has undergone an extensive review to provide competitors with clear, concise regulations in an easy-to-follow format.
“The book is added to and subtracted from each year,” SCCA Technical Services Manager Jeremy Thoennes said. “After years of this practice, we ended up with duplicate language or in some cases conflicting language in various sections. The reorganization involved a review of each paragraph; moving similar sections together and resolving any conflicts. The result is a book with better structure and flow, making it easier to find what you are looking for.”
The 2007 GCR can currently be found in PDF format on the SCCA Web site. Hard copies will be mailed to all licensed SCCA drivers shortly before the New Year.
The 2007 GCR is available at http://www.scca.com/Club/Index.asp?reference=gcr -(Webmaster)

Eight NEPA drivers made the long trek to Topeka Kansas this year compete in the SCCA's version of the World Series of Amateur Racing.

In September, Solo Racers Chris Shenefield, Chris Janusz and Kristell Janusz represented the NEPA Solo community by bringing home 2 trophies. Chris Shenefield brought home a 2nd place in STS and Kristell Janusz brought home a 3rd place in SML. Chris Janusz barely missed a trophy in the large SM class with an 11th place finish.

In October, it was our NEPA Road Racer's turn to attack Heartland Park in Topeka. Representing our region was John Costello, Joel Lipperini, Sam Ryan, Rich Leslie, and Darryl Shoff.
In SSC, John Costello started 17th but after dropping back at the start, was able to come back to 16th in his Honda Civic.
Joel Lipperini started in 5th but a turn on accident sent him a number of positions back. Joel was able to charge back to 6th place but a second accident in turn 1 took him out for good and ended his day in 22nd.
Sam Ryan started in 7th and luckily missed the turn one accident. Sam had a good race and moved to 4th place where he finished. Good job Sam!
In FF, Rich Leslie qualified well in 11th but for the second year, he was taken out on the first lap.
In T3, Joel Lipperini started in 2nd but was passed at the start and ran in 3rd place the rest of the race. Nice finish Joel!
In S2000, Darryl Shoff had lots of problems during qualifying. He started the race 12th but was able to move up to 8th by the end of the race. Darryl received the "Hard Charger" award. Good job Darryl! -(Webmaster)

NEPA board members wish GOOD LUCK to our fellow members as they compete for national championships. We have 5 drivers trying for 6 Runoff titles.
Two-time SSC National Champion Joel Lipperini is competing in two classes. Joel is looking for his 3rd win in SSC with his Honda Civic and also will compete in his Mazda Miata in the new class Touring 3. Also in SSC we have Sam Ryan & John Costello running in Honda Civics. Can we have a podium sweep from NEPA? Rich Leslie will shoot for his first Formula Ford title with his Van Dieman. And Darryl Shoff will pilot his Carbir CS2 in Sports 2000. Good Luck NEPA Drivers!! -Hugh Maloney (Assistant RE NEPA-SCCA)

Nominations are now open for NEPA-SCCA Board member positions for 2007. We are also looking for anyone interested in being a Chairman for either Solo, Time Trials, or Road Racing for 2007. Nominations will be accepted at the October General and Board Meetings. Please check the meeting page for times and locations. -Tom Knorr (RE NEPA-SCCA)

On Saturday and Sunday, August 5 and 6, the Sports Car Club of America will wave the green flag for the "Pocono Sports Car Grand Prix." The racing action will begin mid morning (11:00 Saturday, 10:30 Sunday) and feature seven races each day. This weekend of racing will attract over 200 cars and drivers all running for National points and a place in the year-end SCCA National Championship Runoffs at Heartland Park (Topeka, KS) in October.

**Click HERE for the full details on this special local event.**

If you are interested in assisting with working any of our Club Racing Events, click HERE for more information. -George Bloeser

Let's Show Our Stuff
As you ride the highways, I'm sure that you check out the cars you are passing (or that are passing you). Maybe you are looking at the drivers, but most SCCA members spend their time checking out exhaust setups or spoilers. But aren't you also drawn to the things that are emblazoned on vanity plates? Your cute little sports car, your muscular tow vehicle, or your everyday commuter or take-the-kids-to-school car can wear a badge that identifies you as a member of the largest organization in the country dedicated to safe and skillful operation of automobiles in and out of competition - the SCCA.
If you have a car registered in Pennsylvania and are a current SCCA member, all you need to do is to complete the "Application for Specialty Registration Plate" adding your membership number and date of expiration to the signature line, write a check for $30.00 to Philadelphia Region SCCA ($20 for the state to transfer the registration to the new plate, and $10.00 for Philadelphia Region to offset set-up and production charges), and mail the application and check to Judy Bloeser, PO Box 346, Coopersburg, PA 18036.
**You cannot apply directly to the State of PA for an SCCA plate.**
All inquiries should be addressed to Judy Bloeser at 610-965-0585 or macmassie@aol.com.

Click HERE to download a copy of the plate application. -Judy Bloeser

This year NEPA-SCCA will be celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Giant's Despair Hillclimb. The event will be a three day event... July 7, 8 and 9. On Friday, untimed practice runs will begin at 1 P.M. and run until approximately 4 P.M. On Saturday and Sunday, timed runs will be conducted between 9 A.M. and 4:30 P.M. Directions to the Giant can be found at www.pahillclimb.org . We invite you to particpate in this event; F&C personnel are needed to provide a safe and successful event. If you are interested in helping out, you can always contact me via email at re@nepascca.org -Tom Knorr (RE NEPA-SCCA)

It looks like the Time Trials racers are in for a great year. Each Hill Climb event is getting better every year and with the 100th Anniversary of the Giant's Despair Hill Climb happening in 2006, I'm sure this will be a year to remember. Make sure you check the "Time Trials" section of this webpage for current news postings and event information. See you at the races! -Webmaster

What everyone has been waiting for! The 2006 TriRegion PDX (Performance Driving Experience) will be held on June 16 & 17 at Pocono Raceway. Details can be found in the 2006 PDX Flyer. Come out and have some fun, and learn about your car and how it handles!
2006 PDX Supplementary Regulations
2006 PDX Registration Form

The General/Member Meeting on 4/4/06 will be the beginning of a series of educational meetings for individuals in the NEPA region. This particular meeting will be about "Preparing a Car for the Racing Season". Long time member and current RE will be hosting this meeting and is inviting everyone to come out and enjoy. Bring a friend!

HI all,
I have made a DVD on Giants Despair Hill Climb that played at the SCCA Round Table that BRM hosted in Reading, Pa this weekend. I had very good feedback on it and have 15 ordered so far. It is for sale for $20 plus shipping cost. If anyone were going to the PHA meeting in Fleetwood, PA I will have some there for sale of course then it would just be $20. If you are going please contact me so I have an idea how many to make.
Anyone that contributed to the content in this DVD will be getting a copy, plus copies of what they contributed in digital format. I still need more pictures and videos! There must be more pictures and video out there. Anyone that has photos to contribute will receive their own digital copy of these pictures on a CD-Rom that can be used to take to a photo lab or used on your computer. Even old Super 8 reels I will have made into a digital movie for you so they last forever! Every year these films degrade and some become unusable. Let me convert it to digital for no charge. History on this event or any event is so important to me and should be shared.
The DVD I just made has a brief history segment (15mins) and the 2 in car cams that I had put to an audio track (All I had). It also has 100's of pictures from 1963-2005 on it as a slideshow with a music tracks. All the videos are on here also. I'm working on making a complete history with pictures and video to compliment the commentary better so it may be a couple of weeks till final DVD is ready.
All DVD's that are sold will have a serial number. This will be a limited edition DVD set. Anyone wishing to order can email Tim Royer at TimeTrials@nepascca.org or call 570-454-2927 Any proceeds benefit NEPA region SCCA. --Tim Royer (Time Trials Chair)

On March 26th from 2-5pm, a mixer will be held at the Brass Rail on Route 309 south of Wilkes-Barre, PA. In attendance will be the Mayor of Laurel Run, Laurel Run Fire Company members, community members and NEPA board members. The purpose of the mixer is to begin the celebration of the 100th running of the Giant's Despair Hill Climb and provide an opportunity for all to get to know one another. The Brass Rail is kindly providing a free buffet. There will also be a cash bar. Tickets for the event are $7 and can be purchased from Jack Danko (570-825-9090) or at the door. All procedes from the ticket sales will be forwarded to the Laurel Run Fire Department. Come out and enjoy the celebration!

Hello Everyone. The 2006 Solo 2 series is almost here. If anyone knows of or wants to sponsor our Solo 2 Series for 2006, please e-mail or call me. Sponsorships start out at $25.00. You can even buy a sponsor for yourself, or someone else. "Go *** Race Group 2006!!!". Remember, this money goes towards our equipment and other items needed to run our Solo program. The Sponsorship paperwork is available in the "Downloads" section. Thank You!!-Jeremy Sereyka (Solo2 Chair)

Click HERE for some pictures taken during the NEPASCCA Banquet held on 01/14/06. -Webmaster

This year was the first year of the NEPA Worker Series. It was designed to reward corner workers and officials for their dedication and hard work in all NEPA region's Time Trial events.

Awarded workers for 2005 NEPA Time Trial Worker Series:

Nelson Kase
Matt Rowe
Rick Kase
Jennifer Dehart
Jim Cosner
Matt Green
J.W. Orrs

Special thanks to Jennifer Dehart for organizing workers at each hill climb this year.

Corner Workers:
Michael James Jr.
Michael James Sr.
Joe Chintalla
Debbie Hinkle
Randy Hinkle
Keith Weikel
Joe Bartek
Ron Toole
Ammon Hettler
Norma Ozwald
Diana Bower

Randy Hinkle will be the 2005 NEPA Worker Series worker of the year. Because of Randy's EMT qualifications, we were not delayed in starting both Spring and Fall Weatherly's. Due to local EMT's being called to a couple accident scenes in the morning, our start would have been around 11am. Randy and his wife are both dedicated workers at Weatherly Hill Climb for many years. Back in the day, Randy and his radio club would run communications for the hill climbs in the area. -Tim Royer(NEPA Time Trials Chairman & 2005 Worker Series Chairman)